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Taught by Lynn Radeka with visits and demonstrations by masking guru Dr. Dennis McNutt. This informal and enjoyable workshop will take the "mystique" out of contrast masking. Fine-tuning your prints to fulfill your visualization will become an exciting reality. Learn to make a variety of valuable and powerful contrast masks effortlessly and quickly, using inexpensive films and developers. The use of a densitometer is not needed, as this workshop stresses the use of contrast masking as an art in itself. The potential for improving your print quality is enormous!

Instructors Dennis McNutt, Lynn Radeka and Steve Francis
at the October 2005 workshop

These unique contrast masking workshops will stress the making and use of an array of different contrast masks to enhance black and white print quality. Lynn Radeka with Aaron Pazanti will be using the Contrast Masking Kit as a basic outline for teaching the techniques of making and using various types of contrast masks including Unsharp Masks, Contrast Reduction Masks, Shadow Contrast Increase Masks, Highlight Masks, Dodge Masks and Fog Masks. Students will view comparison prints showing the aesthetic improvements that masks can make in actual prints. Using participant's negatives, as well as Lynn's original negatives, appropriate masks will be determined and made under Lynn's guidance. Afterwards, participants will make prints from those masked negatives and discuss the improvements in print quality. Often, the improvements can be stunning! The Precision pin-registration carrier system in Lynn's enlarger will be used for all masking and printing demonstrations. Fine-tuning masks using a variety of techniques including Lynn's highlight-brightener formula will also be taught and demonstrated.

Some websites and discussion groups make contrast masking seem overly complex and downright boring, using densitometer readings and lengthy testing procedures. Quite the opposite is true when approaching contrast masking from an aesthetic viewpoint. In fact, detailed numerical density testing can be counter-productive because of so many variables involved in so many different kinds of masks. This workshop teaches participants what to look for in masks and interpositives, visually, in order to achieve the enhancements that are desired in the fine print. No densities need be measured, no lengthy, intimidating testing procedures need be done.

This intensive and enjoyable workshop will be limited to only four participants so that maximum attention can be given to each individual. Each participant will be given a signed poster and a workshop manual. This workshop will be held in Lynn Radeka's recently renovated darkroom in Placentia, California.

Lynn hopes to make this the ultimate multi-participant contrast masking workshop, teaching in-depth techniques that no other workshops even approach. With these simple yet extremely effective contrast masking techniques, achieving the "ultimate" fine print will become an exciting reality instead of an impossible task. We recommend that all applicants have at least a little basic experience in black & white darkroom work. This workshop is primarily geared toward medium and large format photography but those shooting small format are welcome as well. All demonstrations will be given using 4x5 negatives. Participants are encouraged to bring original negatives in 4x5 format if possible, as well as prints and/or test strips, but are not required to do so.

Testimonials from previous workshop attendees

Contrast Masking Gallery of participant's images


Lynn Radeka. Lynn has been traveling and photographing the American West since the late 1960's. He has a number of books to his credit including Ghost Towns of the Old West, Historic Towns of America, Forts and Battlefields of the Old West and Great American Hotels. Lynn was commissioned by Smithmark Publications in the 1990's to make 8x10 prints from Ansel Adams' negatives under the ownership of the Library Of Congress for the large format book Master Of Light: Ansel Adams and His Influences. He is also featured in the recent book World's Top Photographers: Landscape. Lynn's black and white work has been published in books and calendars. Posters of Lynn's photographs have been displayed and sold in America's National Parks since the mid-1980's. Lynn is the co-author of the Contrast Masking Kit manual.

Dr. Dennis McNutt. Dennis McNutt has been in the photographic scene for decades. He is an inventor of all kinds of techniques and devices. Along with photographer Mark Jilg, Dennis wrote the original articles for three prominent contrast masking techniques: Contrast Reduction Masks, Highlight Masks and Shadow Contrast Increase Masks. These remarkable methods have greatly influenced the work of photographers throughout the world including the other instructors at this workshop - Aaron Pazanti and Lynn Radeka. We are honored to have Dennis as a guest speaker at the Contrast Masking Workshops.

Aaron Pazanti. Aaron is a noted award-winning cinematographer in the motion picture industry. His cinematography won an Oscar for the film American Beauty, and he has worked with famed directors such as Steven Spielberg. One of Aaron's unique skills is the ability to operate the Steadycam, a device which allows the photographer to walk or run with the camrea while maintaining very smooth, fluid motion. Aaron is a very talented photographer as well. We are honored to have Aaron share his eloquent images and his insights on Contrast Masking techniques at these workshops.

Contrast Masking Gallery of participant's images

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