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Brief testimonials from recent contrast masking workshops:

Lynn, the carrier system just arrived, in great shape. I’m very impressed with the quality of your workmanship and it fits perfectly and firmly into my Saunders LPL enlarger head without any need for an anchoring system or light blocking tape. I especially appreciate your taking the time to give me a “one-on-one” workshop in your darkroom and letting me be involved in the various steps. Your unique pin-register masking system is going to give me a powerful tool to expand my ability to make beautiful prints. I’m looking forward to showing you one soon. Terry W. Greene – Photographer/Architect

Previous workshops I attended were Zone System photography by Howard Bond, B&W printing techniques by Howard Bond, Advanced B&W printing techniques by Howard Bond, and an Ansel Adams workshop in Yosemite. Your Contrast Masking Workshop was by far the best I've attended. This workshop contained information that I could not have understood any other way, other than seeing how it was done. And since you are a pioneer in the field, I'm sure you know masking better than most. You opened my eyes as to what is possible with the right tools. The information you gave us is priceless! - Anthony Beckesh, Peoria, AZ

With a combination of influence and knowledge attained from the likes of Sexton, Radeka, and Barnbaum, what more does one need? And I really mean that! If you're not capable of making a good print thereafter ... you're not capable of making a good print! -
Robert Sandstrom, Granada Hills, CA

The fundamental reason why I am so pleased and excited to work with the masking methods that you have developed is that they will allow me to separate values of interest and form images in accord with established art patterns. I can see immediately the power that masking provides to clearly delineate patterns in an image. Thank you both again for your meaningful contributions to the art of photography. -
Glenn Hohnstreiter, PhD, Albuquerque, NM

Complete, Concise and Enlightening. Your masking workshop opened up a whole new world of printing. I left silver printing for platinum because I could not get the rich tonal qualities from standard silver printing paper. I needed six hands just to dodge and burn a single print. But because of your masking techniques, I'm able to print beautiful silver prints now, full of the subtle tonalities and expression usually only found in the finest platinum prints - from brilliant, detailed highlights to deep rich shadows, revealing every nuance of detail throughout. -
David P. Milton, Sacramento, CA

I want to thank you for an incredible workshop. Your workshop has significantly changed my expectations for my B&W darkroom work, and I am certain, the direction of my photography in general. The specific control your techniques lend to the wet darkroom have been a huge revelation for me. What first sounded like a complex, time consuming process, has turned out to be a very intuitive and enjoyable way of optimizing my vision of a fine print. - Steve Hicks, Albuquerque, NM

Lynn's masking workshop is truly a rare jewel. It will improve one's photography regardless if they are working traditionally or digitally. ...this workshop will raise the bar giving one the ability and tools to open the doors to Master Printer status! Lynn, Steve, and Dennis provided the utmost in attention to student work and success. They provided an atmosphere that was conducive to learning. I enjoyed it tremendously!!! - Roy Pope, Apache Junction, AZ

Thank you very much for a very informative and downright inspiring workshop. I got a lot of great info, so it was well worth it. You and Steve were very well prepared, easy to understand and very good at communicating the information. I Absolutely enjoyed it. - Terry Hayden, Clovis, CA

The contrast masking workshop was worth every penny. I now have a new defentition of what a fine art print is supposed to look like and a new methodology to acheive it. Lynn is the expert! He is a great teacher that made sure we completely understood the process. - Gerard Sheridan, Phoenix, AZ

Your workshop was terrific! I've only been to 2 workshops in the past but neither had the total quality and substance of yours. Many thanks for a super workshop. - Benjamin Wilbur, Williamstown, NJ

If you are a serious black & white photographer - or aspire to be one, there is something you MUST do! You can't keep on making muddy prints that don't sing, or even make good prints when you can make outstanding prints that are truly inspiring. What you need to do is enroll in one of Lynn Radeka's masking workshops. I recently discovered this golden opportunity by browsing the web in search of a good negative carrier for my 4 X 5 enlarger. I ordered it from Lynn and it has simplified my life in the darkroom immeasurably. .... The masking workshop was the icing on the cake. I have gotten some pretty good marks for many of my Black & White prints, but felt the need to advance to the next plateau. Lynn's workshop provided the basis and I am going to be spending some quality time in the darkroom now.... - Richard Frederick, Frederick Fine Art Photography, Bend, OR

After years of making and selling fine art prints, I felt my black and white quality was at a stand-still. I struggled constantly for eloquent shadows and highlights in my prints, but nearly always ended up disappointed. I was about ready to give in and try my hand at digital, although the desktop pushbutton approach to photography is not appealing to me. Now that I've taken your private workshop and learned these new masking techniques, I'm happy to say that black and white traditional photography has been born again!!! It's just as exciting as when I first began making my own prints more than 2 and a half decades ago. I now can make fine prints that are vibrant from the deepest shadows through the brightest highlights. This is exciting stuff and I'm looking forward to the next 25 years of photography! - Jack Stamish, Denver, CO

Lynn, thanks so much for your hospitality and the terrific workshop. I also appreciate the time that you and Steve took to critique my prints. This critique along with the "hands-on" training in the darkroom has certainly expanded my view of what can be achieved with the "fine-art" print. I am now looking forward to getting back to the darkroom and applying the many masking techniques that you taught me----especially on some of my many "problem" prints. I really enjoyed working with you and Steve and will be looking for future opportunities to work with you both again. - James Glaze, Danville, CA

Any serious photographer dedicated to producing the best possible prints MUST take this workshop. I learned more here, and achieved more unique and valuable printing tools, than in all the other four major workshops I've taken combined. - Jerry Sanderson, Seattle, WA

I am looking forward to working with the new tools I learned at your workshop. I learned more new appplicable things in those 3 days than in many years. - Eric Wiswell, Santa Fe, NM

A seminal masking workshop. I recommend it! - Jack W., CA

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