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Contrast Masking Examples
Shadow Contrast Increase Mask Example

This cropped section of Moon Over Zabriskie Point shows how a SCIM mask can
add depth and contrast to only the shadow areas of an image without diminishing fine detail.
Actual prints show more striking enhancements than can be seen on an internet reproduction.
Moon Over Zabriskie Point, before and after SCIM mask
Moon Over Zabriskie Point, 1980. Cropped area, SCIM mask example.

Straight print before masking

Point to the image to view the before masking version. If a change is not seen when pointing, allow more time for comparison image to load (at least 45 seconds for a 56k modem)

This is a cropped section of the image Moon Over Zabriskie Point. When pointing to the above image, the "before SCIM masking" version can be seen. This image demonstrates the effect of a SCIM mask (shadow contrast increase mask) on the darker values of the image. Note how the dark values appear dull and flat in the straight, unmasked version. It's easy to accept this as a "fine print" until we see the improvements gained by using a SCIM mask.

Final print after masking

Do not point to the above image

Final image after applying a SCIM mask to the dark foreground areas. Note how the richness of the blacks is increased, yet the actual revelation of fine detail is preserved or enhanced. The proper use of a good SCIM mask can allow the photographer to enhance the contrast and richness of dark through midtone values without hiding fine detail in those areas. In this image, fine detail is perceptively increased, although an internet reproduction such as this cannot show the striking increase in print quality seen in the actual print. Note that the upper midtones through highlights are unaffected by the SCIM. The same paper grade (2) was used in the before and after prints.

My First Contrast Mask - Contrast Masking Is Easy!

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